Hoganas Mobler

Hoganas Mobler

  • Hoganas Mobler are specialists in developing and producing ergonomic office chairs. For years they have worked closely with Ergonomists and Physiotherapists to improve the design and function of the Hoganas range. The result is the Hoganas Plus a sophisticated, functional and highly adaptable ergonomic office chair.
  • To understand the brilliance of this Hoganas Plus, you must first break it down into its component parts and then start building the chair up again to meet your specific and individual needs.

The Multimatic Mechanism

  • This is the heart of the chair. The same mechanism is used across the whole of the Hoganas Plus range.
  • The Multimatic Mechanism consists of three pivot axles, the seat pan, the backrest and the rocker. The seat and backrest move independently allowing for the chair to move and flow with your body's natural movements. Move from an upright balanced position, to stretched out, to reclined without needing to touch a single lever.
  • It is this mechanism that makes the Hoganas Plus so great. Everything that follows show you how to customise the chair to your shape, size and your needs.

 Choose your Backrest:

 Hoganas 361  Hoganas 381 +£25  Hoganas 382 +£66  Hoganas 561 +£105  Hoganas 562 +£150
Choose your Fabric:
 Frame  Comfort +£48  Leather + £318    
Choose your Colour:
 Black  Add a custom colour +£50      
Choose your Size:
Standard Seat  Deep Seat +£14      
Hoganas Gas Lift
Type 1 - 41-56cm
Type 2 - 44-60cm +£16
 Type 3 - 51-73cm +£21    








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