Sit-Stand Desks

Why buy a Sit-Stand desk?

We spend on average 9-11 hours per day sitting and more than 60% of this is spent sitting working at our desk, dining table or on the sofa with the laptop. Prolonged periods of inactivity from sitting have been linked to an increased risk from a number of conditions: including weight gain, cardiovascular disease and a number of ailments involving the muscles and joints of the spine.   

Sit-stand desks can be a healthy and beneficial aid to mitigate some of these risks, allowing a change in posture, increased muscle activity and therefore calorie usage and overall wellbeing associated with improved blood flow.

At Active-Sit-Stand we promote active working and strive for a healthy balance between sitting and standing. To this end we have sourced a selection of products that we feel are some of the best out there and that are proven to work.




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