Active chair swopper AIR - Combi-gliders

The new swopper collection now makes it even easier for you to convince your customers that the only way is active sitting in 3D. In addition to the known swopper technology, the swopper AIR has high-tech cushioning and a climate-regulating cover for a completely new dimension of sitting comfort - as if on air.

AIR-Climate cover: Breathable AIR Climate seat cover with net structure for an optimum seat climate. 100 % Polyester.

Combi-glider foot ring: All swopper without castors will be delivered with metal gliders (optimized for use on surfaces such as carpet, felt, etc.) and felt gliders (optimized for use on surfaces such as stone, tiles, parquet etc.)

Spring strength MEDIUM:

Optimised for persons weighing 60 – 120 kg
Seat height* unloaded 52 – 65 cm,
loaded 45 – 60 cm

Spring strength SMALL: 

Optimised for persons weighing 40 – 70 kg
Seat height* unloaded 47 – 61 cm,
loaded 42 – 56 cm-- 

* seat height for swopper SADDLE is 10 cm greater

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