Gingko Octagon One Plus - Portable Alarm Desk Light

The New Octagon One Plus Desk Lamp has inherited the same elegant design as the global multi-award winning Octagon One Desk Lamp, but it’s now incorporated with the popular Click Clock in the hexagon base and made of 100% sustainable natural wood.

This smart design combining the best of simplicity and natural materials achieves a modern industrial aesthetic.

With a digital modern clock face built in the hexagon base, you no longer need a separate alarm clock by your bedside table. The clock display silently ”fades away” from the wood surface while it’s quiet and only reappears again if you give a gentle touch or a tap of the beside table. 

You can choose to either use the light to wake you up, so the light will gradually ‘light up’ your day or you can use the normal beep alarm if you wish.

Once up and ready to work, simply take the Octagon One Plus and place on your office desk to use as an excellent task light.

The Octagon One Plus portable alarm clock desk light makes a warm addition to any desk, room or home office space.

Made with: 100% sustainable natural walnut, cherry & bamboo wood
4 different angles of use and 4 different light settings
LED Life-span: 50000hrs
Power supply: built-in rechargeable battery (USB charging lead included)
Battery life: 7-48hrs
Charging time: 3-4hrs 


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