Aeris Swopper - Active chair - Combi-gliders

The unique Aeris Swopper: Active in all 3 directions with a vast range of combinations. Keeping you fit whilst you sit.

Microfibre cover: highest quality. Branded microfibre with premium properties: attractive, good feel, breathable and easy to clean. Very robust: abrasion resistance = 150,000 Martindale rubs. 88 % Polyester, 12 % Polyurethane.

Cover: PREMIUM leather: Fine PREMIUM leather, chrome-free tanning, natural vegetable dyes, high quality, stylish look, easy to clean and antistatic. 100 % Leather.

Cover: CARE/Stamskin: Hi-tech cover for use in the cosmetics and medical sectors. CARE is sanitised for extra hygiene protection: anti-bacterial, anti-mycotic, anti-microbial, waterproof and fire-resistant and very easy to clean - disinfection is not necessary, simply wipe with warm water. 100 % Polyamide.

Combi-glider foot ring: All swopper without castors will be delivered with metal gliders (optimized for use on surfaces such as carpet, felt, etc.) and felt gliders (optimized for use on surfaces such as stone, tiles, parquet etc.)

Spring strength STANDARD: Optimised for persons weighing 50 – 120 kg
Seat height unloaded 52 – 66 cm,
loaded 49 – 59 cm

Spring strength LOW: Optimised for persons weighing 50 – 120 kg
Seat height unloaded 50 – 64 cm, loaded 42 – 56 cm

Spring Strength HIGH:* Optimised for persons weighing 50 – 120 kg
Seat height unloaded 56 – 76 cm, loaded 49 – 69 cm

Spring Strength LIGHT: Optimised for persons weighing 35 – 50 kg
Seat height unloaded 47 – 61 cm, loaded 42 – 56 cm

* Available only for Aeris Swopper with glides

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